Club induction

This session is provided so that you can meet the Head Coach and discuss your requirements at the club. The session starts with a friendly on court introduction with other new members. At this session you will be informed of the best way you can integrate into the club, attending the correct sessions for your ability level. The on court session is followed by an informal drink in the bar area which is a great time to ask any questions you may have.


Chippenham have several committees to ensure the smooth running of the club. The main committee meet once per month and is chaired by the President. This committee oversees the running of the club. The tennis sub committee is chaired by the tennis Chairman and concentrates on the day-to-day tennis activity.

Booking courts

At certain times courts are available to book with preference reserved for doubles tennis. To check availability and to book courts go to the Online Booking Page.

Order of Play

The Order of Play gives details of the court allocations for the summer (April – September) and winter (October – March) season. Details can be found on our Order of Play page. During the summer there is the opportunity for lots of ‘mix in’ play, especially at club sessions. During the winter, most courts are allocated on a ‘fixed four’ basis whereby groups have the same court each week at the same time (floodlight charges apply).

Wimbledon Tickets

The club receives an allocation of Wimbledon tickets each year. It is very important that ALL members sign up to British Tennis Membership. It is still free and can be done in a few minutes online at It will affect our Wimbledon ticket allocation if all players aren’t signed up. Please ensure that you select ‘Beechwood LTC’ as your club.

International Tennis Number (ITN)

The ITN number is a world recognised rating. The rating range from a 10.3 (starter) to 1 (world ranked player) Beechwood have adopted this number to rate their membership. At the club induction evening you will be given a number which will correspond to a standard description. This number will allow you to access the correct sessions. There is an ITN on court test which is entirely optional and will be available at different times throughout the year. A full explanation is available on the club notice board.

Getting Started

The best way to get the most out of your club is to immerse yourself into the club activities. The golden rules are:

1. Book yourself an induction with the club’s Head Coach, coaching page.
2. Play club night and meet other members.
3. Enter the next social tournament.
4. Use the yearly planner to plan your next event.