Chippenham offer an all year round programme, term time lessons for adults & juniors, and also camps for juniors during the holidays. The lessons offered are for all standards, running additional specialist workshops and tournaments at various points in the year too.

After a very successful 8 week block of adult beginner coaching are new members are now hopefully integrated into the club and will hopefully be coming down on Wednesday evenings for the social sessions which begin at 6.30pm.

There will be another block of adult coaching next May so please look out for that.

For 4 consecutive Wednesdays (start time 6.45pm) there will be coaching for adult beginners on the 4 outside courts.
The aim of the coaching is to give adults a chance who have never played tennis before or want to come back to tennis after an interval of not playing. If you know of anyone in this category and may be interested please pass on the information. We have spare rackets at the club.

Equipment – Choosing a Racquet

Racket Head Size:

Head size is the first thing to consider while choosing your best tennis racquet. A larger surface also offers a larger area for hitting the tennis ball (sweetspot). The power of a shot increases as the surface is larger if other characteristics of the racket are identical. The most common racquets are between 90sq” and 110sq”. These sizes offer an optimal blend of power and control for most players.

Midsize: 516-606cm2 (80-94 – A small area of the impact for more advanced players, who are seeking for enhanced control. Midsize rackets provide more control to advanced players.

Midplus: 613-677cm2 (95-105 – Midplus tennis rackets are perfect for the Intermediate players because these racquets provide additional power and control to the player.

Oversize: 684-870cm2 (106-135 – Oversize racquets are best for the beginners and below-average players, who need a greater “sweet-spot”. In other words, the larger the impact area is the more elastic will the string be, meaning greater hitting power.

Our coach can make some recommendations after seeing you play and this guide from perfect tennis gives some good pointers about what to look for in terms of weight, head heavy / light etc.